Mint-chocolate birthday cake

Sorry for my absence, life has been incredibly busy recently, but hopefully will be back to regular posting from henceforth (fingers crossed!). Here’s a recipe to kickstart my return back to WordPress – my little sister’s mint chocolate chip 4 layer birthday cake, for her 16th! I’ll leave the link here X for the recipe and video tutorial I used (ingredients are in description box of video). It went down an absolute treat, the flavours are a classic, and so yummy! I altered the recipe a little, by using more peppermint than Cupcake Jemma gave, changing decoration, and using a mixture of milk and dark chocolate chips for the layers.

By the way – I saw Cupcake Jemma in real life while I was working on the SpiceBox stall for the Kerb Food Festival, and had a major internal fan-girl moment as she breezed by with her dog in tow (who sniffed our stall).

Anyway, here are some photos of the mighty cake, follow the link X for the recipe and video instructions! Enjoy 🙂



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