SpiceBox adventure

So recently I applied for (and got) an internship at this start-up food company called SpiceBox (website here x). Grace, the owner, let me jump in on her summer menu food photo-shoot, since she knew I was interested in photography, and food photography. It was a pretty cool day, very chilled, and I learned a couple of tips and tricks of the food photography trade. I helped prepare and style her dishes, and in between the two shoots, Grace even let me take some snaps of my own 🙂

SpiceBox, by the way, is a healthy Indian takeaway kitchen in London. Grace uses only plant-based ingredients, so it’s perfect for vegetarians and vegans – but even me (a non-veggie/vegan), who, if I’m perfectly honest, is not really a fan of Indian cuisine, very much enjoyed the leftover food I was fed from the photo-shoot. Everything was bursting with flavour, perfectly seasoned, and saturated with delicious spices. As well as that, you could tell that everything was just so fresh, which I think is what is missing from a lot of Indian takeaways nowadays – that, and that they’re full of buckets of fats and oils, which Grace has stripped away, leaving only tasty, clean food.

Anyway, enough blabbering, I think you get the picture. (Well, you will further down the page 😉 ). Again, here’s SpiceBox’s website X if any of you Londoners out there fancy giving it a go – I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

For now, I’ll send you off with my best photos from the photo-shoot. Enjoy!




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