Arctic Power Berries appreciation post

After searching extensively online for some decent berry powders to use in my baking (mainly to flavour macaron shells and meringues) I stumbled across these Arctic Power Berries on Instagram and checked them out. I was pretty impressed by their somewhat unusual flavours (seabuckthorn to mention one), decent prices (considering the equivalent amount of fresh berries you get per pot), and really humble beginnings (a story from Scandanavia of two girls missing their favourite freshly picked berries from home).

Anna and Eve, co-founders of Arctic Berries have done such a great job on these products, and the really fab thing is that, since they’re still a pretty small company (but growing rapidly in fans and followers), they still manage to make their story and their products so personal. After posting my photos on Instagram they took the time to like and comment on my posts. I was also delighted to receive a hand-written, personal thank-you postcard from them in my package when it arrived in the post. These are two very decent human beings, whose humbleness and passion just rubs you up the right way and leaves you feeling really happy that you decided to support them and their business 🙂

I ordered their small size powders, in the 4 different flavours available (which led to a discounted price): blackcurrant, blueberry, cranberry and lingonberry powders. I even got 2 free blackcurrant single-serving sachets, which made me very happy indeed 🙂


  • Has the most potent flavour, great for flavouring meringues


  • Had a much subtler taste in meringues than the blackcurrants, though still detectable



  • I used in my porridge for breakfast (yay pink porridge!) which gave a wonderful earthy taste with berry notes in the background.
  • Because of its somewhat ‘woody’ taste, I’m keen to experiment with this in savoury dishes like, for example, a salsa, or some sort of dressing (perhaps a yoghurt dressing?)

I use all 4 for my breakfast smoothie bowls and smoothies, and even if the flavour get lost in the rest of the things I throw in, it soothes me to know I’m getting extra minerals, vitamins and goodness from a single teaspoon of these beauties (the exact ‘goodness’ can be found on the website x). All of the powders have a distinct ‘earthy’ taste, and some are sweeter and taste more of berries/fruits than others.

My favourites are the blackcurrant and the lingonberry. All in all, a good buy, and they’re lasting me absolutely ages!


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  1. cvickers19 says:

    Wow this looks right up my street 🙂 do they have a website?


    1. They sure do! I linked it in my post, but here’s the direct address:
      they seem a little costly at first, but if you think about what you would pay for fresh berries you probably are actually saving 😛 X

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