Halloumi bites snacks

I feel a fraud for even calling this a ‘recipe’, because it’s not. Simply slice up your halloumi cheese – we usually slice them into long rectangles or thin sticks, and bung them under the grill. Keep a super close eye on them! They’ll take only a minute or two on either side until they’re beautiful and golden brown 😛 I highly recommend serving them up with chilli relish/jam, once you’ve tried it you’ll never look back.

These are super quick and easy, and a very popular snack in my house with everyone – even me, who doesn’t like cheese. Perfect for nibbles, finger-food snacks or even on a salad maybe.


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  1. mynovelmyenchantment says:

    On a salad, in a lentil dish, on their own, with chips, with pepper and butter beans… 🙂 Mmmmm Halloumi x


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    1. Soo good *drool* You gotta try them with chilli jam! X


  2. thegingerandspiceblog says:

    Yumm halloumi is the best! Especially ally on the bbq with sweet chilli xx

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    1. Mm that sounds delicious!


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