My top 10 eats of Amsterdam

This week I finished up my exploration of Amsterdam with my bestest buddy in the whole world, and along the way we stuffed ourselves with delicious treats and meals that I’m going to definitely try hard to work off these next few weeks in the form of clean and healthy eating… 😛 Expect some cleaner-than-usual recipes over the next coming weeks!

So, without further ado, here is a selection of some of the many foods we tried while we were out there. I’ll put them in order of my favourites, leaving the best ’til last 😉 (although, to be honest, all of them were really tasty).

10. Stroopwafels


Although I’m pretty sure you can get these all over the world, these soft-biscuit-like-waffles (filled with a caramel-syrup filling) are super popular in the Netherlands. They’re available from any supermarket and are a delicious (naughty) snack. I brought back 2 packs back home to share with family and friends 🙂

9. Chips (with Satay sauce)


I’m not quite sure why these are a ‘thing’ in Amsterdam, but they’re really delicious chips and the satay sauce is wonderful and salty and peanutty. They sell a lot of different sauces (Lora got cheese), but we were recommended to try the ‘satay’ one, so that’s the one I went for. Plus the portion sizes are pretty huge! We both got mediums each and couldn’t finish them 😛

8. Bitterballen


These were somewhat resemblant to a meatball, though with no actual solid meat fillings… They were sort of saucy and gooey inside (think roux sauce with extra bits added, like onions and other vegetables), then bread crumbed and deep fried. They came in many different flavours (we unanimously decided the truffle one was the best) and seemed to be a common pub-grub type food. We had ours with a mustard-mayonnaise dip. I’ve not had anything quite like them, but I liked them well enough, and was glad I’d tried it for tradition’s sake.

7. “The funky fresh dog”

I had this ‘hotdog’ from Foodhallen, an indoor food market in the south west of Amsterdam. Its unusual flavours caught me from the start: a lemon and thyme sausage, tzatziki, and (some sort of) slaw, all encased in a pretzel-like bun! It was undoubtedly a delicious hotdog, although I was disappointed with the tzatziki – it was too mayonnaise-y for my liking, hardly resembling yoghurt; it was missing that lemon-y zing, and it made the whole thing a little on the stodgy side. However, the pretzel bun was definitely worth trying, and overall it was still really tasty.


6. Haring


I think this is one of Netherland’s main national dishes, and I really wanted to try it! Raw herring with onions and pickles. We got ours from a food stall while we were in Keukenhof, on a ‘feeling brave’ kind of day. Lora didn’t like it at all, she said it was too strong for her. I loved it, however. The acidity and tang of the onions and pickle worked really well against the fish (really meaty but not too fishy, in my opinion) and I ended up eating the whole thing. This one definitely won’t be for everyone, but if you don’t shy away from raw fish and love trying new things I’d definitely recommend this. It was blooming delicious!

5. Febo


Okay, so Febo sells pretty unclassy food (fast food, basically), but after watching chef Donal Skehan experience a Febo in Amsterdam, I really wanted to too. These ‘croquettes’ seemed really popular and were the ‘special’ in the house. They were basically massive sausage-shaped bitterballen, with bits of meat added to the mix. They were extremely salty, kind of gross but at the same time so good (very much like the conflict I experience at McDonald’s). You could get other things like chips and burgers too, all very cheap, of course. Mostly I went for the experience of obtaining my food; Febo has these man-powered ‘vending machines’, which delivers your hot snacks to you after you insert your change and press a button to pop open the little door. You can see the staff round the back cooking all the food and placing it in these slots, which are hot to keep your food warm. Lora and I got pretty excited by them and went twice while we were in Amsterdam, but I can imagine this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

4. Pannenkoeken

(That’s traditional Dutch pancakes to you and me.) One of my Tumblr followers suggested I take the Pancake Boat while I was in Amsterdam, and even sent a link (here x) across which I booked our places through. Although it was a little pricier than some of the other boat tours, it was SO worth it for the UNLIMITED PANCAKES. That’s right. Unlimited. 3 flavours: bacon, apple (both cooked into the pancake) and plain, with a variety of sweet and savoury toppings. They were pretty big, around plate size, and similar to crepes, though more substantial and a little thicker. I was so excited I didn’t know what to go for so ended up eating somewhat strange but delicious combinations.
1) bacon pancake with ham, boiled eggs and pancake syrup
2) a plain pancake with stem ginger, apple compote, peaches and cinnamon sugar
3) an apple pancake with banana, chocolate flakes and pancake syrup
I kid you not when Lora and I slipped worringly fast into a pancakecoma. We were unable to move from the horizontal position for a good half and hour after the boat ride ended. Best pancake boat ever.


3. Rijsttafel


Literally translating to ‘rice table’, I believe this Indonesian-inspired dish was brought to the Netherlands after some sort of colonisation. They sell it pretty much everywhere in Amsterdam, and it includes a wide selection of different Indonesian meats, curries, vegetables and sauces that you can try with your rice. The place we went to (Bojo?) did an ‘early birds’ deal for 12.50euros, and their chicken-skewer dipping sauce was absolutely to die for. It was peanutty, salty, tangy and sweet. We literally poured it all over everything on our plate and even ended up eating it straight from the bowl 😛 Really really yummy… I was a little concerned I wouldn’t like everything on the plate, since I’m not the biggest fan of curries, but everything was delicious and I definitely recommend it.

2. Banh Mi

Also from the Foodhallen market. This was the best Banh mi I’ve ever had, hands down. The pork was so succulent and just melted in your mouth. It was encased in this beautiful sweet sauce, and had all sorts of delicious going on. The bread was wonderful and soft, if I could do it again I’d order my own and not share!

1. Apple pie

I think Amsterdam is pretty well known for their apple pies. We were recommended 2 places: Villa Zeezicht and Winkel. The only place you’ve got to try is Winkel’s apple pie (pictured on the left. Sorry, we demolished it before I had time to take any photos!). We had ours with whipped cream. It was so, so delicious. I don’t know how they got their ‘pie crust’ so crunchy and buttery, but god it was so good, and the apples were cooked to perfection. Villa Zeezicht was nice, (we had it with extremely cinnamon-y icecream), but, in our shared opinion, nowhere near Winkel’s.

There we have a selection of some of the foods we tried while in Amsterdam, I’d love to know someone else’s opinions on any of these foods or if there was something else they loved when they were there 🙂


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