Eton Mess cheesecake


Ever since I read Becky’s Biscuit Bases’ recipe (here x) a few months ago, I’ve been so excited to recreate her Eton Mess cheesecake – berries, white chocolate, meringue pieces, all in a cheesecake, can things get much better?? I went a little ad-lib on the decorations, and added extra berries and a marbled raspberry gel to the cheesecake mix. It was also a perfect excuse to use a sprinkling of my dried berry powders. But, essentially, thank you to the cheesecake queen Becky herself for the gorgeous recipe, I hope I didn’t destroy your recipe too much!


Recipe here x

Meringue drops:

  • 1:2 ratio, egg white:caster sugar.
  • Whisk the egg whites in a clean bowl until stiff (hold the bowl upside-down above your head to check!)
  • While waiting for the egg whites to whisk up, put your sugar in an oven proof dish in the oven
  • Slowly by slowly add the hot sugar to the egg mixture & whisk (I find a stand-alone mixer extremely handy for this)
  • Whisk the egg-sugar mixture until the sugar has dissolved, rub it between your fingers to check the texture. It should be smooth, if it’s still grainy, keep whisking!
  • oven: low and slow! 140C is a good baseline, but even lower is fine. Bake until the meringues peel away clean from the baking parchment.
  • IMG_9982IMG_9951IMG_9967IMG_9965

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  1. Oh my! It looks wonderful and I’m really pleased you enjoyed it! Love the little meringue kisses.


    1. Thank you ☺️☺️ that’s so awesome coming from you!

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  2. Awhh you’re welcome! I’m so glad you liked it, Eton mess is my favourite cheesecake 😋

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    1. I absolutely loved it, as did everyone in my family! (There’s a lot of us. It was gone within 24hours 😂)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha! That’s brilliant! The Vanilla Cheesecake which is on my blog, we’re a little family and that barely made it two days 🙈

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