Giant cinnamon & apple hot cross buns

Easter would not be complete without fresh hot cross buns in my household, so after last year’s chocolate & orange hot X buns, I wanted to try something different. Lo and behold, I stumbled across Paul Hollywood’s hot cross buns recipe which contained fresh apples as well as the usual suspects (currants, dried fruit, cinnamon etc.).

I’ll leave the recipe link here x because there’s not really any point in me re-writing the entire method and ingredients. I will, however, note the few changes I made:

  • I used no chopped peel
  • I used about 200-250g of a mix of sultanas (mostly), raisins and currants
  • I doubled the ingredients and used 3x sachets of dried yeast (they’re 7g each)
  • I mixed the yeast in the warm milk before adding to the flour mixture.
  • I melted my butter down before adding it to the mix.
  • I let the stand-mixer do all the work for me! I’d had enough of hand-kneading doughs recently, since  at uni I have zero electrical kitchen equipment there and I know how much hand-kneading takes outta you.
  • My first prove was 1 1/2 hours, any longer and I think the dough would have run away from me! It had certainly almost escaped the bowl.
  • I added a dash of nutmeg to the mixture. I also added more cinnamon.
  • I added about 50% more apple than recommended
  • I chopped my (Granny Smith) apples into tiny cubes, about the size of a single piece of sweetcorn.
  • I shaped my dough in to individual buns before the second prove.
  • I used the juice from the leftover zested oranges to make the ‘cross’ mixture instead of water.
  • I bunged the apricot jam in the microwave for a minute or so and just used that (instead of loosening with water & heating then straining)

These buns are absolutely delicious! Enriched with milk, butter, and eggs, they’re the perfect treat for Easter. I would also probably use a little more spice in the future with this recipe, even with the extra amount I used – but maybe that’s just because I like my hot cross buns to have a lot of kick to them 😉 I also accidentally made 16 (instead of doubling to 24 like the recipe said), so my hot cross buns turned out GIANT, but they were tasty nonetheless. It meant I had to cook them for an extra 10 or so minutes, and I had to cover them with foil near the end because they were catching on the edges, but so so worth it!

Happy Easter Monday all 🙂

post-first prove



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  1. these looks so delicious. I didn’t get a chance to make any this year but these look so much better than my attempt last yr.

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    1. They were! Haha, well try try and try again 😉 and you don’t need Easter as an excuse for hot cross buns, they’re good for whenever!

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      1. That is VERY true

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