Maple bacon butties

A little spin on a classic British bacon sandwich. By glazing your bacon with delicious, sweet maple syrup before giving it a delicious crispness under the grill, and swapping your average sliced bread for a delicious freshly baked baguette (‘fresh’ is debatable, but it still tastes bloomin’ amazing), you’re onto a winner with this re-vamped bacon sarnie.


  • Par-baked baguettes
    (available at pretty much every chain supermarket, I found mine in the bread section of Co-op)
  • Smoked bacon rashers
    (I like to use standard non-streaky back bacon for sarnies)
  • Maple syrup
  • Butter (for the bread, if you so choose)
  • Condiments of your choice

Portioning: when I ate these with the girls, 1 baguette served 2, and we had about 3 rashers each of bacon. In other words…
2 baguettes
12-pack bacon
serves 4

I’m not going to write up a proper method for every step because I think the method is pretty self-explanatory and I’m hoping everyone has made a bacon sarnie in their lives before (unless you are muslim, veggie, vegan etc.).

Follow the cooking instructions on the baguette for the timings. These par-baked baguettes mean that whenever you decide to cook them off fully, they’re going to taste fresh and wonderful and hot. Note: these baguettes are smaller in size than normal baguettes, I would want to say about a foot long each.

Cook your bacon however you want, and remove it from the heat just before it starts to crisp up. Now’s the time to drizzle over a dribble of the maple syrup on each slice before sticking it under a grill and WATCHING IT CLOSELY for approx 5 minutes/until it starts to caramelise and crisp up and gets those beautiful burnt crunchy bits on the edges.



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